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In the digital age, the vast majority of official documents are offered in electronic format – often even with the possibility of using them via your smartphone or touch pad.

The visa in physical format is no exception to this rule and finds an ingenious alternative in electronic form: the e-visa. Obtaining procedures are simplified and faster, to the delight of travelers who find a solution there that meets their needs.

We will see that this document is essential for stays dedicated to tourism, education or professional activities. Finally, we will give you the procedure to follow to succeed in your e-visa application in the best conditions.

No worries Planet Visa greatly simplifies your task, and you will see that in a few clicks, you will be able to obtain your e visa for many destinations.


The e-visa is an electronic visa obtained by carrying out an acquisition procedure on the Internet, which facilitates administrative procedures and greatly reduces the time required to obtain it.

Planet Visa offers you an e-visa application form for each destination in the world: Egypt, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India, USA, Australia, Kenya, Cuba, Cambodia, Canada, etc. By the way, do not hesitate to come back to see us, because we add destinations regularly.

To receive your e-visa by email, it is necessary to provide certain information and documents. Payment is also made online via a fully secure platform. The other advantage of dematerialization lies in the fact that the procedures for obtaining them are simpler and faster, with the sending of your e-visa directly to your mailbox. No more long and tedious administrative procedures!

Why do I need to apply for a visa?

The e visa is an official document recognized by all countries around the world, it offers the possibility of legalizing the entry, stay and exit of foreign nationals in a country where they do not have nationality.

In other words, the e-visa can be understood as a residence permit which governs the duration and the activities carried out. It is for this reason that it is essential to make the request in an embassy or, even simpler, directly on our site, before departure. The visa is often associated with the passport which is also an official document giving additional information on the identity of the traveler.

The passport is not a residence permit but an identity document presenting the following information:


  • Last name
  • First names
  • Sex
  • Date and place of birth
  • ID photo
  • Signature
  • Biometric data
  • Visited countries

What are the different types of e-visas?

The e-visa may be in electronic form, but there are different kinds adapted to the reasons for the stay in the host country. Among the most requested visas, there are the transit visa, the tourist visa and the work visa.

E transit visa

The transit visa is a very short-term residence permit, for example when the person wishes to cross one country to join another. The average duration of the visa is generally three days from entry into the territory.

The tourist visa

The tourist visa is one of the most issued permits, it is used by people wishing to go on vacation and enjoy the host country over several weeks. This visa can for example be used for a stay of 30 days, and be valid for 3 months from its creation. (these durations depend on the country).

Some countries that have developed tourism offer travelers to extend their visa on the spot. In these conditions, it is generally advisable to contact an immigration service or an embassy present in the host country.

The e-visa for professional mobility

The work visa, the student visa and the diplomatic visa are dedicated to professional activities and will be subject to specific regulations. For example, for students, they will be asked for a certificate of education or a promise of internship in a company in the host country.

Country specificities

Most of the time, countries require the presentation of a visa and a passport when crossing the immigration service as well as customs.

Be exempt from e-visa

However, exceptions exist. For example, some countries may have bilateral agreements with partner countries, allowing foreign nationals from the countries concerned to be able to be exempt from the visa.

In Canada, for citizens of European Union countries, a simple authorization (AVE) is sufficient to enter the territory. So, before leaving for a foreign country, it is essential to find out about international agreements and specifics that may exist.

Planet Visa takes care of this mission for you: simply choose your destination, fill out the form, and we take care of the rest!

How to apply for a visa?

To obtain a physical visa, it is possible to go to the embassy corresponding to the country of your choice, then present yourself to the competent administrative services.

Then, you get a second appointment where you will have to bring all the documents useful for the visa edition. The deadlines can be long and that is why it is strongly advised to do it in advance.

Planet Visa: your e visa in 72 hours directly in your mailbox

As we said earlier, the Planet Visa platform supports travelers wishing to obtain their e visa quickly.

With Planet Visa obtaining an e-visa is simplified, the application is made online via a form with the following information requested:


  • E-mail adress
  • Phone number
  • Residence address
  • Stay dates
  • Trip details: arrival and departure airport, type of visa desired, places visited desired
  • Travelers information

Once the form has been sent, our team of professionals deals directly with the authorities of the country and sends you an e-mail in less than 72 hours containing: a file number, the e-visa and recommendations for use.

So what are you waiting for?


Online Visa Today is an agency that accompanies you in the process of obtaining a visa for your future tourist or professional trips. Its objective: to simplify your procedures by allowing you to apply for a visa online for reception a few days later in your mailbox.  


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