With more than 50 years of experience and years of experience, CIBT has become the largest international company for processing visa and passport applications. CIBT’s French subsidiaries are Visa Express and Centredevisa .

Last year, we helped almost a million people obtain the documents they needed for their trip abroad. Visas Express is the quickest and easiest way to obtain a visa to travel worldwide, especially to new destinations such as China, India, Russia, Australia or Saudi Arabia.

We offer our services to individuals, staff of large multinationals, customers of cruise lines, tour operators or travel agencies. We are proud to count among our customers two-thirds of the companies listed in the FORTUNE 500 as well as the most renowned tour operators and cruise lines.

Visas Express has experience, expertise and a unique international network. We are thus able to reduce the time required to obtain visas and legalize documents.

The Visas Express solution

  • Speed . Visas Express can process your visa or legalization request within an extremely short time, often within a day.
  • Wide range of services . Visas Express processes visa applications for more than 200 countries, as well as electronic visas such as ETA for Australia and ESTA for the United States. We can also help you, in particular, to obtain an invitation letter, legalize your French documents or even provide you with sworn translations.
  • Exclusive database . Visas Express customers and partners have access to our latest database, meeting the conditions specific to all countries for travelers of all nationalities. Visas Express provides personalized application files containing precise and easy-to-follow instructions, a list of supporting documents and all visa application forms.
  • Visa experts . Visas Express employs more than 1,500 specialist visa and passport experts to review your application before submitting it to the Embassy. The highly qualified experts of Visas Express are aware of the trust you place in them and make every effort to offer you personalized, reliable and safe service
  • Secure processing . Visas Express is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your data. We take into account the confidential nature of the documents necessary to obtain a visa. The security of your data is a top priority for us. Visas Express never shares your personal data or documents.
  • Order tracking in real time . Upon receipt of your order, Visas Express will send you an e-mail to confirm receipt of your documents and their transmission to the Embassy. Our online tracking service allows you to consult the status of your order at any time.